Sand Hollow Triathlon

When I was in the 9th grade, I was cut from the volleyball team. I joined the swim team, but quit after learning I would have to do a flip turn under water without plugging my nose. I tried tennis, but could never find a racket big enough to ensure I'd hit the ball. I did play basketball. Third string. On the church team.

So you can imagine what I thought when my 15 year old son told me he wanted to do a triathlon: "Whose child ARE you?"

Luckily for my kids, I married someone whose athletic genes trumped my contribution. Although believe me, it takes great athleticism to be such a good non-athlete.

Well...my son's determination to do the triathlon wasn't a passing fancy. Last Saturday, (April 3, 2010) Otto swam 400 yards, biked 10 miles, then ran 3 miles in 1:05. His goal was to place in the top 100. Instead, he placed 2nd in the 15-19 age category and 29th place overall out of 236 participants. I was SO proud of him..... and for more reasons than that!

-he had no training partner or anyone he knew that ran the race with him
-he didn't have a bike, so he took the initiative and found one to borrow
-it was a mountain bike with huge knobby tires and crazy shocks not at all convenient for road racing
-he borrowed a bike helmet
-he ran in worn out tennis shoes
-he researched what to eat, cut out sugar and soda & carb-loaded with low-glycemic foods
-he would go on a run or bike ride even when he was tired or hurting and didn't feel like it

Stockton...you are so inspiring. You make me want to start exer.... to watch you do another one next year.

Thanks to my parents who came to cheer him on! It was a great, great day.


LGH said...

WOW, you are a great writer! Loved reading this account of the great day. Stockton is very impressive and seeing the list of his challenges just reinforced how significant this event was in Stockton's life. Good job, Stockton.

kelli said...

That is awesome. And I agree with your mom, you are a great writer.

Mikelle said...

I'm pretty sure you have the most incredible family in the entire universe! I can't beleive Stock ran a triathalon! I totally remember when we came over to your house once for dinner and him and Landon were playing house with Katie. It's insane to see how much everyone has changed! Love and miss you guys!


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