so you need a typeface

a little confession here... I love typeface. serifs and san-serifs alike. I will spend hours searching and stewing over the right font for a project. in fact, I love fonts so much that I made my kids sit through the documentary film Helvetica. (strangely enough, they didn't quite share my enthusiasm for this two hour movie about LETTERS).

so you can imagine my delight when I found this. turns out, I love fonts so much, I don't just like reading them, I like reading ABOUT them.

anyone else share a passion for print?


Missy B. said...

genius. not only do i like typefaces, i love flow charts! i'm going to sit in front of that chart and see where it takes me. ps--i'd watch Helvetica with you :)

LGH said...

this is awesome....loved this unique post.


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