motherhood monday: top ten

TEN reasons why I love being a mom

10. get to breathe in the fresh smell of TIDE at least three times a week

9.  have gotten so fast at stringing my kid's names together (seanjanessastocktonlandon) I could be hired as an auctioneer
8. have enviable skillz for my resume: 1) expert indoor voiding coach, 2) whiz at handling all kinds of bodily fluids, 3) authority on creative nagging

7. never need to worry about my soda-stained, crumb-infested, soccer-smelling tank car being stolen

6. don't have to actually throw a frozen burrito at the car in anger. can get my kids to think I did based on my reputation alone (inside joke...i'm crackin' myself up!)

5. get to be all haughty when icons screw up: "what do you mean the tooth-fairy forgot? AGAIN. What kind of irresponsible pixie does that?"

4. get to re-live all kinds of 'firsts' (first piano recital, first time driving, first kiss) 

3. a) have become good at change (easy...there is never any in my wallet)
    b) have become good at change (I changed their diapers. they changed me)

2. the love for my own mother has increased ten-fold

and the number one reason why I love being a mom....

....get to give and receive love.

I love love.
and I love being a mom.


great essay about Motherhood here


Anonymous said...

":) Love it! I tell my children when the tooth fairy forgets about their tooth, "put it out again, that poor little fairy's wings must have got tired. She probably had a busy night. Lots of children must have lost teeth yesterday.""


Tiffany said...

Love this list! Glad to have found you!

Gardner said...

I loved the list! Number 7 stuck out to me since we recently went downtown and after we were walking with the kids I realized the car wasn't locked. Once I realized we had our wallets and the cellphone I wasn't worried at all-funny it never even crossed my mind that someone would steal the car-I guess I figured even a criminal wasn't THAT desperate;).

Ms Fish said...

Thanks Tiffany and Gardner. So excited you stopped by and said Hi.


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