Don't Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful

My son told me a saying which I love:

Small minds talk about people.
Average minds talk about events.
Great minds discuss ideas.

So my blog is about to up the ante.

We Chirp is a blog that talks about ideas. My brother, PageStalker, was a guest blogger on We Chirp. He talks about an issue that is controversial. Read it here. At first read, you may be inclined to think he is a bigot. Unkind. Biased. Or skinny. On the other hand, you may think he is right. Honest. Insightful. Brave for taking a stand. Understanding of human nature. Or skinny.

Either way, it is provocative and incites one to think.

After you read it, post a comment here. Tell me your thoughts. Take a stand one way or the other.


LGH said...

He certainly got a lot of reaction to his controversial post!

Do doctors perform plastic surgery for the condition you mentioned earlier in your blog about bumpy arms? I'd be for that!

LoriPhdinme said...

Well, I subscribe to the Dolly Parton theory...If is baggin, saggin, or draggin, then nip it, tuck it or suck it. I can see how some might get offended and backed up by a couple of his statements. People who look to be offended can usually find a reason to be offended

LoriPhdinme said...

Let me just add that if I thought I could do it myself with a power tool, I likely would have done so already


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