Ode to MJ

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Say, Say, Say!

I Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin.’ Because whether you or Billie Jean like him or not, he is a cultural icon. And I Can’t Help It. I feel a great loss now that He’s Out Of My Life.

Since hearing of his death, I feel Bad. In fact, I feel unbelievably sad. I can’t shake it. Sure, it is Human Nature to mourn the loss of someone you love. But why has his death affected me so passionately? Because so many high school memories are wrapped up in that Smooth Criminal.

I wish I had One More Chance to see him perform live again. Come on. Admit it P.Y.T (pretty young thing): it is a Thriller to watch him in concert. You just can’t Beat It. In fact, I bet if you took a good look at The Man in The Mirror, you might acquiesce that if given the chance, you would love him to Rock With You. And Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.

Dirty Diana doesn’t care that he is gone. But I do. I tell myself, “Ms Fish: You Are Not Alone. There are others, like yourself, who can overlook his freakish nature and appreciate the musical genius that he is.”

He made the world a better place. For you. And for me. And the entire human race.

You see MJ: It’s the Way You Make Me Feel. You Rocked My World until the Break of Dawn. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You and your creamy voice and your smooth moonwalk.

I’m mourning alright.
Although the tears I shed are neither Black or White.

This is my Michael Jackson Earth Song.


LGH said...

Hey, I love the way you have incorporated his songs in your tribute; this should be read all over!

Raydar Love said...

Annie are you okay?



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