From One Hurricane to Another

It is sort of like Russian Roulette. Only there is no death. And the decision isn't by chance. Okay, nevermind. It isn't anything like Russian Roulette.

I am referring to a mission call.

Because of my faith, I felt peaceful waiting for my oldest son's call, but the "natural man" in me still felt bubbling nerves. Wondering where my son will be permanently camping for the next two years brought an edgy, jittery thrill.

Right before Sean opened his call with the location and departure date, my tummy felt like when you just crest the peak of Space Mountain and are zooming down the first vertical drop. It wasn't like small, delicate butterflies had invaded my innards, but a flock of peacocks with their flumes tickling every crook and crevice in the abdominal vault, including the backside of my heart.

I felt all kinds of things: comfort, anxiety, excitement. But as I reflect on that moment, I realize that fear was not (and still is not) part of the emotional equation. I know that wherever Sean goes, he will adapt. He will serve well. He will love the people he meets and they will love him. And we'll have EMAIL!!

The letter sat unopened for two days waiting for Daisy to get home from Girls State, and Andy & me to get home from a soccer tournament in Orem. Finally on Saturday, June 6 at 9:00 pm. friends gathered both in person and by telephone/Ichat to hear Sean read the official call: "You are hereby called to labor in the Florida Tampa Mission...speaking Spanish." Sean leaves 9/09/09 (on my mom and dad's anniversary).

That gives us three more months to (1) enjoy his pleasant presence, (2) come to grips with missing him.

Tampa Florida by day

Florida by night

Looking through the information.
Sean's face shows true joy at the opportunity to serve, and
relief at knowing where that will be.

Our friend Celeste

Sean looks up at his mother

Thank heavens my dad kept his head about him and thought to capture the fleeting moment in pixels. Thanks dad.

The many facets of parenting continue to provide me with wonder.

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kelli said...

FUn! My brother just got back from Ft. Lauderdale Haitian Creole Speaking mission. He loved it, but what missionary doesn't love where they serve? I am sure Sean will love it too! You are to young to have a missionary!


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