Fifteen: Halfway to the Middle of Getting to Middle Age

15 years ago, the doctor pulled two 6 pound babies out of my belly. They came out 1 minute apart. Mr. Fish swears they are five minutes apart. This is a source of great controversy. But I ask? Who birthed the babies? I mean, really....that is who you should believe!

The twin fishies are my comic relief. Put them to a test. Name any movie and they could quote you a line from it. Now either that means they have an exceptional memory with a clever brain or they waste way too much time watching movies. Either way, I love 'em!

Per the boy's request, their birthday celebration dinner included grilled chicken with hoison barbecue sauce, dutch oven potatoes, cornbread, and homemade root beer.

It was ironic, actually, because I made Fred's dutch oven potatoes. While we celebrated the anniversary of my sons' birth, many gathered to mourn Fred's death. June 1st was his funeral. I honor Fred. May his spirit, memory and recipes live on.

Happy Birthday Buddy Boys! You are my favorite set of twins. Ever.

Hurricane Tigers, Midfielder, age 14

Age 14

Purple Dragons soccer team. Age 5. Mom is coach. Therefore, we didn't win much.

1 year

2 mo old


LGH said...

Fun, fun post! They really are great young men!

Nat said...

Wow. I guess I didn't realize they were twins. That is really cool. (they would have been like 1 when Kristi and I were roommates)

Mathgraph said...

2 minutes apart

MaMa eNCHaNTeD said...

Oh my goodness, they were just darling, and they still are. great tribute~


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