Fred's Dutch Oven Potatoes: The Recipe

I have had some requests for the dutch-oven potatoe recipe. I'm happy to share, but please remember: 1. I don't have a formal written recipe and so amounts will be guesstimated, 2. we ate them while camping. EVERYTHING tastes better camping. So for best results, make these when starving, camping, and have had nothing but burnt tinfoil dinners up until this point. I promise you, they will taste delicious!!

Fred's Dutch Oven Potatoes - (this is for a size 10 dutch oven)
Cut 1 pound of bacon into 1" slices. Brown until crisp. Dump out about half of the grease. Add to oven: thinly sliced potatoes (about 5 large baking potatoes), chopped onions, bacon. Stir to coat potatoes with the bacon drippings. Salt and pepper. Cover. Cook with about 10-12 briquettes on the bottom and 5-7 briquettes on top for about 30 minutes. Uncover. Remove from heat. Stir. Add grated cheese on top. Replace lid with briquettes still on top and cook for another 3-5 minutes to melt the cheese. Let out a boisterous whoop and holler and yell "these are delicious." That's would Fred would do.

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