Week of Lasts

This is the last week for several things in our lives.

1. Last week I am working 24 hours / week. Starting next week, I will be working one day a week (for a paycheck) and two-three days/week in dr's office as a preceptee (not for a PAYcheck but a hefty PAYment in tuition).

2. Last week of Sean's graphic design job. Next week he is going with friends to climb King's Peak and then prepare to move to BYU.

3. Last week we will have a big dirt pile out our back door! Cement was poured today. Yeah!! Can't wait to party on the patio!

4. Last week Stockton and Landon have their days free before school starts. Next week they will be at Lake Powell, then family vacation, then school begins.

5. Last week I will ever be 41 years old and Brent will be 45. I need Justin, Amy, Gheen and Beth to cheer us up with a limerick.

6. Last week Janessa has driver's ed. (She thinks having a license means she can drive!)

7. Last week of any remaining hint of green in our grass. Our poor yard..what a sad saga of failure. We have now managed to kill two front yards. We've been told we have a virus - obviously it crept from our computer, to our washing machine, into our suburban's air-conditioner, and now took a bloody toll on our grass.

8. Last week of swim team for Stockton.

9. And finally, it is the last week I am going to eat cheesecake. Just kidding! If that were the case, it would have to be my last week. Period.

Goodbye to all the lasts. Cheers to the firsts: age 42 and the big chunk of concrete around our cement pond.

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Anonymous said...

Oh mom,

I will be driving! Silly! Silly! Silly!


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