My mother

Justin (10), Jordan (1), Kristi (3), Jeremy (8), Jenni (12)

My mom is one of the greatest women I know for so many reasons. One of them is that she helps people. For example, for MANY years, she faithfully drove her friend, an elderly widower without a car, to the library to get books once a week. Another reason: every Sunday, she sends a homemade postcard she calls "Portraits of the Past" to her children scattered all over the country. It usually includes a photo from our family's past. Often it includes anecdotes or stories from her journal or other sources. I LOVE getting the weekly bits of nostalgia.

This week's edition included a quote from my brother, Justin. He wrote this in a book we made of childhood memories and gave to our parents in 1996.

Justin writes, "I remember that when I was two years old I was so depressed because in one day my age had doubled and I remember thinking, 'if this keeps up, by the time I'm five, I'll be sixty!'"

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