We stood in line for FOUR hours at the mall in Las Vegas this week. Of course, had we passed the time salsa dancing and playing Mancala with the others in line, it would not have been so bad. Instead, we all kept to ourselves muttering Apple mantras from time to time whilst wishing we could buy some of the fun clothes and shoes in the mall, yet knowing our days of buying anything, including gas and food, would be out of the question once we did what we came to do.

When we were finally granted passage into the APPLE store, I felt like I was walking on hallowed ground. After that kind of wait, we should have been given a ten course meal, a deep tissue massage, and been allowed to pet a furry monkey. But instead we were offered a black hole with which to throw down stacks and stacks of cash.

But I'm NOT complaining. We got an IPhone, for pete's sake. The pinnacle of high-tech gadgetry! One for Sean (his high-school graduation gift), one for me. Brent had saliva trickling over the vermillion borders of his lips--longing to call one his own. I hope he can get one soon.

My advice to anyone wanting one is to resist contact with the poison apple for as long as you can. Once you touch it, the poison will permeate and the spell will take effect. I mean, gosh almighty, this Ipod/GPS/mini-computer/phone is....SO SWEET!!!!!

Of course, the phone is not perfect. For a great report on the good AND the bad things about an IPhone, click here! But as for me and my house, we pledge allegiance to Apple magic. (And Mancala).

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jeremy said...

I still love my iphone, non 3G. However, the new blackberry Storm looks pretty great. They probably will give apple a run for the money.


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