Las Vegas

Beside the detour to the mall, Brent and I had a romantic rendezvous in Vegas. We hung out by the pool, strolled the boulevard, and ate at the grand Grand Buffet (MGM Grand). Okay, let's play a game. Think of anything, absolutely anything, you would want for breakfast: build your own omelet? no problem. Bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, waffles, cold cereal, cream-of-wheat, biscuits and gravy? of course. Fresh fruit? out the yinyang! Blueberry blintzes? sure. Smoked salmon? why not. Fresh scorpion? Ok, you got me. But the moral is that the Grand Buffet breakfast is like being on a cruise ship. It is pure unadulterated gluttony of the most pleasurable kind. We spent an hour having our fill. We couldn't eat another meal the rest of the day.

The highlight of our vacation was attending Mamma Mia! It was so fun to see how the story was created around ABBA's music. What a happy, fun-loving, toe-tapping extravaganza. The voices, set, singing and costumes were nothing short of incredible. I wanted to get up and sing and dance in the aisle and accidentally find my way onto the stage. I wanted to be a dancing queen. Oh, if I could just have some neon-colored spandex (oops...sorry for the painful visual).

Thank for the relaxing vacation, Babe. It filled my cup.

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