Fred's Dutch Oven Potatoes

I love to read recipes. I read cookbooks like a novel, enjoying the quick scan over the ingredient list and viewing the perfect pictures, all the while drooling like a man in a Victoria's Secret shop.

Every so often, I break down and actually make something. This weekend, I made some killer dutch oven potatoes. But I didn't get the recipe from no book. Nosirree! It was passed down from Fred Calder, my wonderful hometown neighbor, who drove a school bus, owned his own beehives and had a jovial voice big enough to fill a hot air balloon! And when he made these potatoes, we pigged out until we felt like a hot air ballon!!


Loni said...

Well, I'll be!
Fred's Dutch oven potatoes! I'll bet they were mighty tasty. So, did you spend some time at your campout reading cook books?

Jen said...

Read(ing) The Appeal by Grisham. The main character Carl Trudeau reminds me of what I envision Donald Trump to be like.

It is a disturbing book. About half way finished!

Jen said...

by the way, Fred is awesome. I love Fred.

Darla said...

Good for people to know.


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