Good Girl

After waiting for just a short time, I was taken into the back room where they really applied the pressure. Four different times, they came down hard. Okay, it's not like I didn't ask for it. I did, I admit. It was uncomfortable, but quick. And now, I can put it out of my mind for a time.

I am talking about my mammogram. An annual ritual. A lifesaver. I could write a whole lot on how many times I have seen dramatic differences between those who do and don't get mammograms, as well as statistics blah, blah about catching breast cancer early. But we all don't like to read long blogs, especially about tests and sagging body parts. So, just take my word for it. They work. Sure, they aren't perfect. They miss 10% of cancer. But it's the best screening tool we have, so far.

Get your mammogram! Every year beginning at age 40. Do it for your birthday, so you remember when to do it. Then you can smile and say to yourself, "good girl!"

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