Camp Kostopulos

Last week, Janessa (15), Stockton (14) and Landon (14) and I volunteered for three days at Camp Kostopulos in SLC. The "campers" aka attendees were teens with cognitive disabilities. We helped the kids with activities such as a high and low ropes course, riding horses, fishing, games, eating, and more. It was an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Zach and Noah and Penny and all the other teens who touched our lives!

One thing I learned: there is a fuzzy line between "normal" and not. And that no matter our brain function, we all need to have fun and be loved. Not necessarily a profound notion, but strongly reiterated in the time spent at Camp K. And so true!

Something else that struck me was how accepting, non-judgmental and non-critical of one another these kids were. They supported one another and none seemed to be concerned about what people thought of them. They were uniquely genuine. Wish we could all be more like that.

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