Happy Birthday Otto & Andy

Stockton, Taylor Parker, Zach Jensen

Braxton Peterson

Taylor Parker

Landon likes something that just happened

Stockton - hard to see, but true to his form, the tongue is out!

Some of the guys

Sean and Boston Gubler

boys are always hungry

Landon and Ryan Brubaker


I am a lame, late poster. But at least I'm doing it, which is more than I can say for the twins' first 13 birthdays. Stockton and Landon turned 14 on June 1st, 2008 and celebrated with a party. It was a beautiful summer evening. Temps were moderate. 14 boys played ultimate frisbee at the church, and then came to our home for swimming, snacks and eventually a movie. Watching the boys play ultimate frisbee was the ultimate for me. They are athletic, agile, accurate, quick and competitive. Upon leaving, they were able to choose either a Ute or BYU baseball cap as a party favor. Guess which cap was the most popular??

S&L's gift from us was a ripstick and a new fangled thingamajig which is a cross between a ripstick and roller skates called an xglider. Watch a clip of it below. They zip around on them like it is as easy as shelling peas. They also received official Barcelona soccer jerseys. Happy Birthday Buddy Boys. You are the joy of our lives. Thanks for making me laugh. Every day.

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