A Date with my Darling Daughter

Janessa and I went out last night. Girl time. We began the evening doing laundry, washing her comforter at the laundry mat. What teen girl wouldn't want to do that?? (BTW, have I mentioned my funny fetish with laundry. I love to SMELL it. So I love visits to the laundry mat. I dream of having a fancy white and yellow sunny laundry room staffed with 2 full time launderers so that my house always smells like Tide and Downy-fresh fluffy towels!)

But, I digress. After our washing work was complete, we tried out a little European Cafe and Cake Parlor, known as Twenty Five Main which opened in March 2008. It was a cozy little place with decor reminiscent of Anthropologie.

Janessa had the chicken fettuccine alfredo. I had a strawberry spinach salad tossed with blu cheese and sliced almonds, all glazed in a creamy poppy seed dressing. Neither were out of the ordinary, but good enough to warrant a second visit. It was the cupcakes that tickled our tastebuds and sealed the deal for a quick return. The cupcakes were dense, moist and topped with a light, creamy frosting that wasn't sicklingly sweet.

Two desserts in one evening is a splurge, but it is something girls do best! And so we were off to partake in seconds. High School Musical, the play. At the Eccles Theatre. Fun, fun, fun. High energy. Precise dancing. Catchy tunes. Eye-pleasing cast. Beautiful harmonies. Gorgeous high heel pumps. My friend, Heide, had a daughter (Haley) in the cast. Lucky girl. Lots tried out. Only a select few got in. And for good reason. There wasn't a weak moment in the play.

It was a grand evening. Thanks, Janessa. You are always a fun date!

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