Music Man

Tonight we went to the Music Man Junior Version performed at the High School. The cast consisted of kids in our community up to age 14. Sure, I expected to enjoy it, but I did not expect to be blown away! The cast was large. The kids were full of energy. They projected their voices and spoke their lines slowly (most of the time) and with feeling. They were great singers, and danced like high schoolers. The choreography was simple, yet complex enough to be interesting. The kids moved the scenes on and off the stage quickly and smoothly. Winthrop (Thomas Christiansen) and Amaryllis (Sera Manwaring) were absolutely delicious. You just won't find any cuter actors on the planet. Professor Harold Hill (Jared Worwood) and Marion the Librarian (Allison Christiansen) were believable in adult roles. They did a fantastic job. Kudos to the entire cast. Way to go directors Scott Morrise, Kenzie Draw, Kimber Worwood and Kyle Turman. What an absolute delight.

I just love our Hurricane community!

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Kimber said...

Thanks Sis. Fisher! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It was a thrill to direct, and I REALLY hope I can help again this upcoming summer =) I love Hurricane too!!!!!


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