Happy Birthday. I mean BLIRTHDAY!

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Congratulations to me. Forgive me for sounding pompous, but this really is exciting. My blog just had a birthday. Therefore I am cleverly (which is perhaps debatable) calling it a blirthday. Blog+birthday=blirthday. Get it?

Ms. Fish is one year old and chuck full with over 300 posts. For those who aren't mathematically challenged you will immediately know that turns out to be.....uh...well...let's just say about one per day. Which is quite shocking, really. That I could keep something up for a year. The only other thing I have done consistently for that long is BREATHE.

Like some one year olds, my blog isn't walking on it's own yet. Still requires a great deal of input from the mama fish. No mind, though. Most days I want to continue / quit blogging. And also like one year olds, my writing still has room to grow!

Since it is the birthday of my blog, I decided to give it a pixel present, a fish lift, a make-over. Besides the fact that I constantly like change, it was the least I could do for my blog. My baby.

I have added a poll to the left. Can you see it? I hope so. I spent five minutes on the bloomin' thing. Go ahead and give voting a whirl. I want to try out that spiffy new gadget.

Here's to another year of enduring Ms. Fish! Thanks for your support and dropping by the fishbowl.

PS: Has anyone ever told you that I LOVE to hear from you? There is a neat little place at the end called a comment section. Gosh it would be fun if you use it. Sean, that goes for YOU.


Mathgraph said...

Mom, I can't *believe* I need to comment on your blog when you're right here in the same room. Hopefully these remarks ^ will be useful to posterity. I'm glad I wrote this down. Now we can forever and ever reflect upon my opinion.

OK, I'm glad you changed the debatable thing. Since the original phrase is no longer in recorded history (as you changed it) I am glad I get the chance to let posterity know that something was different with that line.

lovely lady lessy. said...

Good job! You've done brilliantly in your first year with posts that are not only visually-stimulating, but which have often tickled my funny bone, and provoked thought in a way only a mom can.
So thank you!

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Love it! I am always looking for a fresh new look for mine too. It gets pretty old looking at the same old template.


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