One week ago, I went with my papa and son to Escalante, Utah, an area that echoes pioneer stories of incredible drive, determination and discipline. We drove on roads that twisted like a human intestine. Ate food from native diners (Escalante Outfitters, Ruby's Inn). Saw spectacular scenery. And learned from the locals. For me, the joy of traveling is as much about hearing the stories as it is seeing the sights. A story is the lens through which to view the land.

Some of the stories came from Jerry Roundy, a local historian and dad's friend. We stopped in for a visit at his large picturesque home with floor-to-ceiling windows that allowed views to forever. I'm pretty sure with binoculars, I could have seen Mount Rushmore. We purchased Dr. Roundy's book which tells stories of brave and heroic exploits of those who tamed the land.

The best part of the trip was that we enjoyed each other's company. I won't always have my dad or my son around. So, I am glad we spent this time together.

God's Gallery of Rock Art

Stopping for a scenic break

Looking over Death Hollow

Mountain Goat Leap (known to the locals as Hell's Backbone Bridge)
You can read about building the bridge in this book.

Hoodoos and the Bloomin' Cactus (that would make a good name for a band)

God's Gallery of Rock Art

Dad's shooting...but it's not a gun. He got some great pictures which you can view in a slideshow here.

Hoodoo finger pointing in the direction of where we get our greatest strength

RAH and the Hoodoo


Random cows in honor of the Pioneer Woman

A lone little flower on the shoulder of the road

Terrific Trees
All photography by Sean

Traveling gives meaning to the mundane. And it has a funny way of helping me appreciate both what I have and what I don't have.

Take the time
Muster the energy
Garner the resources
Especially your "own backyard"


LoriPhdinme said...

Those rocks are like the weathered face of an old cowboy to me. Each crevice is a tell-tale sign of a story through time. I am so glad you got to experience Escalante. You must go back to hike and fish Mrs. Fish and I should go with you too I think

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Love those pictures! I wish that I had the time and money to travel and see more sites in this beautiful country of ours. SIGH!


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